28 Kitchen Design and Installs

Oct 12, 2021

Designer – Craig Crocombe

This project really started early in 2019 when one of my directors asked me a simple but intimidating question – “If you were brought a design for 50 kitchens could you handle it?”

I confidently said yes thinking it was easy to say so in a hypothetical, not too long later we were given the opportunity to tender for 28 Assisted Living Units (Kitchens) and a number of function rooms including an activity room and a number of communal preparation kitchens which could double as a servery Room.

The process wasn’t short, and we were given plans that changed a lot over the course of the build. Of the 28 Kitchens we designed, over 20 of them varied beyond a change off filler.

Prepare Your Kitchen For Christmas

The Spec

Unlike most kitchens where we have a one to one with the end customer, we were instead put in contact with a fantastic interior design company. Working with the interior designers we were given a colour and basic colour palette already in mind for the space and we simply had to offer a few different door options. In terms of design each space had to have the following:

  • Oven
  • Hob
  • Hood
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink and Tap

Given the space in the room this wasn’t the easiest feat we were given. One thing I really did enjoy was the collaboration with the other designers on the project, even helping to plan out the flooring borders in each section of the open plan room.

Kitchen and Worktop Information

The kitchen chosen was the beautiful Laser soft Pearl grey with the 374 Black bar handle and 20mm Silestone Negro Tebas, a speckled granite alternative.

This pallet allowed for a Neutral contract in a brighter decorated room, its neutrality would also benefit the wider seller market of the assisted living unit without looking clinical.

The Silestone provides as much protection as natural granite with a more consistent colouring and more sanitary work surface finish due to the coating applied.



Christmas Kitchen

Special Design Elements

The biggest challenge in this design was simply the amount of appliances in such a limited space. Given the rooms we planned and within a U shape for the majority of the designs, we were unable to expand most of the kitchens through the room.

As such we opted for a Drawer Dishwasher from Fisher and Paykal. These are not your standard appliances so the standard appliances housings weren’t suitable.

The design specification meant that these needed to be fitted on top of the drawer since it did not have its own legs. The dishwasher drawer does also not house inside a standard 600mm carcase, it free-stands similar to a fully integrated standard dishwasher. All this to say, by necessity the dishwasher had to be fitted under the oven in the tall units, this meant ordering the bottom drawer and a separate oven housing/cupboard to go above, we then also supplied correctly sized end panels to cover.


List of Brands

Furniture – Hacker Kitchens
Appliances – Neff Appliances and Fisher and Paykal Dishwasher
Worktops – Silestone Solid Worksurfaces Fabricated By Granite Worktops Penclawdd
Sink and Tap – Blanco Sink and Tap
Fitters – Ecohills