How to create/save space in a small kitchen

Aug 19, 2021

Small kitchens can often feel like a burden; lowering the number of guests you can entertain, limiting the functionality or cramping personal space when more than one person wants to cook at the same time. However, with a few tips and careful planning, you can maximise the space in your kitchen and learn to love it again.

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  1. Use the top of wall units for extra storage. The space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets can often be overlooked, but it can utilised as a storage space or a display area, creating much need room in other parts of the kitchen. You could even think about adding extra cabinets on top if you have enough wall space available.

  2. Consider using a utility trolley. Having a small flat top trolley can provide you with some much needed extra counter space when preparing food or it can even be used as a space to prepare drinks when you have visitors. When not in use it can be easily wheeled away and stored out of sight.

  3. Utilise the wall space. Knife blocks and utensil jars take up valuable space on kitchen worktops. You can secure hooks, small shelves and even magnetic strips to the walls or backsplash where you can store mugs, knives and other utensils. You could also fix a slim spice rack to available wall space, such as behind a door.
  1. Create the illusion of space. If your kitchen feels a bit too narrow and cramped, then consider installing a mirrored backsplash. This will create the feeling of a lot more open space in the room and will also help bounce light around so the kitchen will feel brighter.


  2. Choose built in solutions. Opting to have appliances, such as the microwave, built in to your kitchen cabinets can mean you create ever more worktop space and by also putting your rubbish bin in a pull out cupboard or drawer you will have more floor space, further opening up the room.

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