Is Your Kitchen An Island or Does It Need One?

Paint an idealistic scene of your dream kitchen – what does it include? We are guessing there’s an island, with children sat peacefully doing their homework by day, friends gathered around at night, and a built-in wine cabinet conveniently close to hand. And while it’s certainly not the perfect set-up for absolutely every one – it means there is space for all.

At Chester Swan we are noticing a shift- instead of asking for a simple, large unit in the middle of an open-plan kitchen, multi-purpose and multi-layered kitchen islands are becoming more popular.


Kitchen Island Installation
Kitchen Island Install Swansea

You could also include banquette seating instead – even a small, two-seat fitted bench makes a difference. This is ideal for participating in guests’ conversations when you’re entertaining, but ensures the working area is kept separate. Including a comfortable place to sit helps create a welcoming space – something we believe we are all increasingly looking for. Plus, this evolution could open up opportunities for smaller spaces as you’ll no longer need to choose between a kitchen island or dining table – you can creatively achieve a nice mix of both.

If you have a sizeable room and would like your kitchen island to be more of a barrier to break it up, why not alter its shape, size, and dimension? You could integrate tall shelving, which acts as a decorative screen but can also help if you’d like to introduce the trend of having a design that looks more like living furniture than kitchen cabinetry. How about creating an L-shaped design at a lower or higher level than the main worktop? Or a U-shape, with each side dedicated to a different function, from washing up to socialising.

Kitchen Island Design & Install, Swansea

Blue and grey is a popular combination as these are two soft colours that complement each other perfectly. If used together, they can turn a busy kitchen into somewhere where you can relax and socialise with family or friends at any time. Once all the food preparation and dishwashing has been done , why not kick back and relax over some snacks or even a glass of wine whilst admiring your wonderful new kitchen.

Blue & Grey Kitchens

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Here at Chester Swan we help you to visualise your kitchen and your island! Our unique virtual design service will help you achieve the kitchen you want and ensure it is NOT an island but has the island that works best for you! Call us now on 01792 544288.