Kitchens and Lockdown

There’s no doubt that lockdown is changing our kitchens, how we design them and what we, ultimately, want and need from our homes. 

So many people we know or speak to are making changes to their properties – whether that’s moving house, redecorating, doing up the garden, creating space for new hobbies or home gyms, or going all in and finally doing that dream home renovation to get a lovely new kitchen.

Many of us have spent the best part of a year in our homes and realised those little niggles are actually things that need fixing, or that rooms could simply work better for family life.

Fitted Kitchens Swansea
Kitchen Fitters Swansea

So how is lockdown changing our kitchens?

The kitchen is the hub of the home – now more than ever. 

If your kitchen is now serving as a work-from-home area, a home school or simply has the whole family in it more than it ever really has, it is functioning as so much more than a kitchen – it’s a multi-functional space. And arguably the most hardworking room in the house.

Kitchen islands are becoming more practical.

There’s no doubt the kitchen island is a super-practical kitchen addition if you have the space. But as well as lockdown changing our kitchens, islands are also changing.

Instead of simply a box design with room for a sink or hob, plus a breakfast bar with stools, the new style of island includes multiple levels so you can sit at dining table height. This could be in the form of a lower table built onto one end of the island, or as a cantilever. Or as an area with banquette seating.

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You’ll need to carefully consider your floorplan and the available area to see if this will work in your kitchen.

Always leave at least one metre clearance between units and think about space required to pull chairs back and being able to walk around people sitting.

Hacker is the pioneer in design and quality. No other kitchen collection was so defining for the German kitchen industry like systemat. The combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials and innovative technology combining elegance, class and luxury to a perfect overall work. A systemat kitchen inspires you anew each day.

More permanent home working areas are required.

Are you now working from home for the foreseeable? Whether it’s a new set-up for you or you’ve been home working for a while, creating a dedicated area for a comfortable and functional home office is a must.

As well as being designed to fit your exact space requirements and job needs, you could utilise wasted space within your kitchen-diner and really put it to good use. Think an alcove, under the stairs or a corner that was ‘just’ a corner.

For a tidy idea, sliding pocket doors that can hide the desk away at the end of the day are an excellent idea.

Kitchen Office Ideas Swansea

Lockdown is changing our kitchens in more ways than one and a key thing you may now want in your kitchen may not have been on your list before.

You may now want a steam oven for better baking, a bigger hob because you love being a home chef, a display space to show off your crafty creations – your new kitchen has to suit you, down to a T.

Entertaining is at home.

Get a  built-in home bar in your kitchen , allocate some shelving space for your collection, add a wine unit to your appliance set-up or go for a portable bar cart. 

Connection to the outdoors is even more important

It’s proven that seeing nature and having greenery around you can help reduce stress levels and achieve a calmer life.

So having a kitchen that connects to the outdoors is the dream. If you’re renovating your kitchen, how will you better link it to outside?

Skylights, plenty of glazing, doors leading to the garden and a nice view of greenery (and houseplants) should be considered if you want that indoor-outdoor feel.

Entertaining In Your Kitchen

So there it is. Our take on how lockdown is changing our kitchens. What’s now on your wishlist that wasn’t before?  Take a look at our Fitted Kitchen Range and brochures for lots of amazing ideas.