Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

May 26, 2021

Kitchen organisation tips

The old adage states that ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’. However, between children, cooking, hosting and eating it is all too easy to for the heart of the home to become over-cluttered and disorganised, with a multitude of things becoming misplaced and a host of new things that need to find a home to store them in. Effective and efficient storage and organisation ideas can keep a busy kitchen in order, make everything more accessible or even just bring a sense of calm to the room, and it will dramatically reduce clutter if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

Shelves, boxes, hanging rails and baskets can all be bought from almost any homeware store, but there are some neat tips and tricks you can use to create your own smart organisation solutions at home that you may never have thought of doing yourself.

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The inside of cupboard doors can be utilised in many and is an excellent option to hide things away. If you attach simple hooks to the door, you can use them to hang cutlery or larger utensils so they are not taking up worktop space. A busy household may find it useful to attach a sheet of cork to the inside of the door so it becomes a useful hidden notice board or recipe board, that doesn’t add clutter to the room. You could also add a metal sheet and create a magnetic notice board, like this one.

Cupboard doors
Kitchen Cabinets

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Curtain rods are an excellent and low cost way to create more space. Place one horizontally across the inside of a cupboard or cabinet to use as a rail to hang a variety of things. Most people have a ‘cleaning’ cupboard in their kitchen, usually under the sink, that inevitably gets full of spray bottles and various products that you have to dig through to find the one you are looking for. Similarly, if you simply add some hooks to the curtain rod, you can create a place to hang your pots and pans to make them instantly more accessible. If you install them vertically you can also create dividers for plates, chopping boards, Tupperware, pan lids or other things that often require you to rummage around to find.

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Lazy Susan’s can be picked up at fairly low cost from various retailers or even on ebay, and can make a number of areas in the kitchen much easier to deal with. A small one can be implemented at the sink area to organise your washing up liquid, soap and sponges or one can be used as a breakfast or tea caddy to minimise mess and clutter on the table. Most people will find that the cupboard that houses the tins and jars can become a nightmare to venture into, with some tins surfacing that are a few years old. Stacking tins on a lazy susan at the front of the cupboard means that they are much more accessible and no tin is left forgotten in the depths.

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A simple bit of DIY can turn PVC piping into much needed storage. Wine bottles, lemonade/coke bottles and other beverages can often be awkward to store and can get in the way of other things or take up valuable fridge space. PVC piping offers a cheap and easy wine rack solution that is very versatile and easy to create. The piping can be picked up for a low cost at any DIY or craft store, usually in varying sizes, and needs to be simply cut to the length you require, painted in your chosen colour scheme and glued in an arrangement that best suits your needs. This can be placed anywhere in the kitchen; as extra fridge storage, cupboard storage or simply sitting on the worktop, and no one will suspect they are ordinary PVC pipes. 

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