Too soon to think about Christmas?

Oct 12, 2021

No! Prepare your kitchen for Christmas.

Whether you choose to ignore it or not, there is no denying that the Christmas season is fast approaching, including everything that comes with it; cold weather, frantic present buying and cooking Christmas feasts. If you are the one destined to cook Christmas dinner with all the trimmings this year, then you should do your best to make sure your kitchen is fully functioning and up to scratch to receive visitors.

Make sure your oven is in full working order. This may seem like a bit of unnecessary thing to do, as the oven is in use all the time, but many people have had their Christmas dinner ruined by a faulty cooker. Make sure the fan is operating and the oven heats up to the required temperature; it might also be a good time to replace defective oven lights so you can see the turkey browning. You might also want to think about giving your oven and hob a deep clean; no one likes a dirty oven and you don’t want it to affect the taste of your food. Also, don’t forget to check the size of your oven to make sure the turkey fits in!

Prepare Your Kitchen For Christmas

It might be time to update your decor and complete the fiddly DIY jobs you have been putting off. If your walls are looking a bit grubby or faded, then consider a quick lick of paint or a new print to hide the worst of it. It’s time to fix the loose hinge on the cupboard or the cutlery draw that keeps sticking. To really get in the festive spirit, you might want to scale your kitchen back to the bare design and then incorporate Christmas items and seasonal accessories to really set the scene.

If you plan on eating around the table, then it would be best for you to properly test out the table and chairs before company arrives. If your dining table is a bit mature or you have one or two loose legs, then you should give all the screws a little tightening up; nobody wants an accident on Christmas day and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


You should think about doing an inventory of dishes, cutlery and other crockery you and your guests might need on Christmas day. If only three people live in your house, but you have ten people coming over for dinner, then you may not have enough plates for everyone to have normal-sized portions. It is a good idea to make sure that none of the plates you plan to use have any chips or noticeable defects that can look out of place; it might also be worth investing in new plates if you find yours are mismatched. When you are cooking a sizable spread you may also find that you will not have enough pots or pans. Get around this by making a cooking schedule, so you will know what you need and when you need it, allowing you plenty of time to acquire relevant cooking equipment.

It might seem like a long way off, but you will feel much better on Christmas day when everything is planned out and there is much less for you to worry about. Planning in advance is the key to a happy, stress-free day and you might even want to start thinking about where your Christmas decorations will go in the kitchen and how you would like to lay and set the table to ensure everyone can enjoy the day.

Christmas Kitchen

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