What kitchen colour works for you?

The most important aspect of kitchen design is undoubtedly the colour scheme. It helps set the tone and vibe of the room. It should say a lot about the household you are and be personal to you. After all, you are the one who is going to be in there on a daily basis! With this in mind, you should think long and hard about your colour combinations, and if your ideal theme on paper will match up in person.

Chester Swan offers some amazing and beautiful kitchens with muted tones and comforting colours.

What Colour Works For You?

Black & white

Black and white kitchens remain immensely popular and would not look out of place in any modern home. They provide the perfect contrast and can make your kitchen stand out due to them being at opposite ends of the colour palette! A true chalk and cheese combination, these colours work well together and can help your kitchen become a room where you will never want to leave.

Black & White Kitchens

Earthy tones

Many kitchens these days opt for earthy tones to help give them a natural feel. On paper, thinking of a brown colour for anything doesn’t sound that appealing, but this is not just any brown!

Earthy tones are a fantastic choice for rural settings, blending seamlessly with the style of a rustic home and its surroundings.

They’re also a timeless palette, ensuring your new kitchen will never go out of style.

Earthy Tone Kitchens

Blue & grey

Blue and grey is a popular combination as these are two soft colours that complement each other perfectly. If used together, they can turn a busy kitchen into somewhere where you can relax and socialise with family or friends at any time. Once all the food preparation and dishwashing has been done , why not kick back and relax over some snacks or even a glass of wine whilst admiring your wonderful new kitchen.

Blue & Grey Kitchens

Incorporating red

From the soft to the striking, have you ever thought about a strong shade of red? This is a dazzling colour to add to your design, which could say a lot about your personality. Either pair it with a darker shade of grey or complement it with white walls or worktops for a space that will be sure to grab the attention of all visitors for years to come.

Modern trends are becoming more creative than ever, so why not ride the wave and think of an outside the box colour scheme of your own? Or in the style of a recent kitchen on DIY SOS – bright orange??

Striking Red Kitchens

The rustic look

And finally how about a more rustic look? A mixture of wood and beautiful stainless steel? A working kitchen that suits the whole family so that whatever you are using the kitchen for it fits in with your total lifestyle. This also works brilliantly for that open plan kitchen diner design.

Rustin Look Kitchen Styles

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